Metal Trim

We use strong 26 gauge steel for our R Panel and 24 gauge steel for our standing seam roofing panels. With many color options to choose from, our panels will provide you with the best quality for your roof or metal building.
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Download Metal Trim Catalogs

NOTE: Part numbers have changed, please refer to all trim products by Item Name.
2x2 Inside Angle Trim
2x2 Outside Angle Trim
3x3 Inside Angle Trim
3x3 Outside Angle Trim
4x4 Inside Angle Trim
4x4 Outside Angle Trim
6x6 Inside Angle Trim
6x6 Outsie Angle Trim
Box Eave Gutter R-Panel Trim
Box Eave Gutter U-Panel Trim
Box Hang On Gutter R-Panel Trim
Box Rake R-Panel Trim
Box Rake U-Panel Trim
Corner Trim Inside R-Panel
Corner Trim Outside R-Panel
Corner Trim Outside U-Panel
Down Spout Stap Trim
Extended Valley Trim
Flat Ride Cap Trim
Gutter Strap Trim
Head Trim R-Panel
Head Trim U-Panel
Head Trim With Kick R-Panel
Jambhead Cover Trim
Jambhead Trim R-Panel
Jambhead Trim U-Panel
Masonry Flashing Trim
Rat Guard
Sculptured Eave Gutter R-Panel
Sculptured Eave Gutter U-Panel
Sculptured Hang On Gutter R-Panel
Sculptured Hang On Gutter U-Panel
Sculptured High Side Eave
Sculptured Low Side Eave
Sculptured Rake Trim R-Panel
Sculptured Rake Trim U-Panel
Sculptured Ridge Gap
Sheet Ledge Trim
Short Low Side Eave
Slide Door Hood Straight Side
Slide Door Hood with Bent Side
Standard Valley
Wall Rake Transition
Wall Rake Transition R-Panel